APLGO Terms of Site Use



These Terms of Use is effective regarding all corporate website located at aplgo.com, backoffice.aplgo.com, shop.aplgo.com, photo.aplgo.com, aploffice.com, aplgo.me and other corporate sites of the Company (hereinafter, the Site).

Before using this Site, please carefully check this Agreement and the Privacy Policy since it governs the way the Site Administration treats the information that you (a User) transfer through using this Site.

The User understands that using the Site constitutes acceptance of collecting and using this information upon the Privacy Policy. The Logging in, using any services or apps found on the Site, using its content the User must comply with all the provisions of this Agreement.

The User must not use this Site, its services, apps or content, or visit pages within the Site’s domain if he or she does not agree with this Agreement.


Guest is an individual having access to the information posted online on the Site.

User is an individual who obtained a personal account on the Site by going through a certain sign-in process.

Site is a set of integrated software and hardware, as well as information designed to be posted online and displayed in certain text, image or sound formats.

Site’s Services mean Site functionalities designed to be used by Guests and Users.

Online webpage (HTML page) is a Site’s page that is a set of integrated materials by means of software and hardware including text and image materials designed to be posted online as a part of the Site.

Personal Account means authentication and personal data of the User that are stored at the Site’s servers.

Content means intellectual property and equated to it by means of individualization. This includes: musical works, literary works, computer programs, programs and applications for mobile phones, audiovisual works, phonograms, images, texts, trademarks and service marks, commercial designations and brand names, logos, hypertext links and their fragments, information, widgets and other objects hosted on the Site.

User content is content (including User’s comments) that are posted by the User by him or herself, voluntarily and free of charge.

Personal Page means online page created by Site software upon receipt of Personal Account by the User that contains User’s Personal Data.

Personal Data means reliable, complete and up-to-date information allowing performing the User authorization procedure that is voluntarily and gratuitously posted by the User on the Personal Page. This information is provided by the User while going through the registration procedure on the Site, may contain the User name, User login, email address and other information that the User deems necessary to disclose about him or herself. The storage of personal data is carried out solely for the purpose of ensuring the possibility of authorization of the User to the Site.

Registration means a Guest’s actions aiming at creating an account on the Site in following the established procedure. During the Registration process, the User fills out a User Form and indicates the Authentication data, using which the Administration provides the User with access to the following Site functionality: evaluation and leaving comments to the Content posted by the Administration and other Users, posting their own Content in compliance with the Site Rules.

Authorization is the process of verification of the Authentication data entered by the User by the Site’s software, the results of which determine whether the User has the right to access the Site functions and the Personal Page of the User.

Authentication data is a unique User’s ID that is used to access User’s Personal Page. This term also refers to User’s login, password and email.

Unauthorized access means Authentication data being used by third parties.

Site Administration means collectively called Company’s authorized employees who determine the appropriate ways of using the Site, maintaining the Site operation and governing Users and Guests’ compliance with this Agreement.

Company is Site’s copyright holder.


This Agreement is made between the Company and the User / Guest that is a legal agreement establishing terms of Using the Site.

All documents that have maintaining, using the Site by the Users / Guests or concerning such using as their subject are an integral part and annex of this Agreement.

By registering on the Site the User signifies his or her full agreement to the Terms of this Agreement.

The User/Guest must quit using the Site immediately in the event of disagreement to any of the Terms of this Agreement. The Company reserves the right to revise this Agreement at any time.

The User/Guest must quit using the Site or visiting the pages within the Site’s domain immediately in the event of disagreement to any of the Terms of this Agreement.


The User/Guest does not have the right to post Content on the Site.

The content posted on the Site is a subject to the intellectual property rights of the copyright holders.

It is prohibited to use content without prior consent of the copyright holders.

The Users/Guests have access to the Site’s materials for personal use and information only.

Site’s Administration and Company’s executives are not responsible for integrity and safety of the Content posted on the Site.

It is prohibited to use the Site’s Content in other purposes than personal without Administration’s consent.

The Guest / User of the Site may download materials from the Site for personal use only/

It is not allowed to copy, distribute, transfer to third parties, publish or otherwise use the materials downloaded from the Site for commercial purposes without obtaining the written consent of the copyright holder.

If consent to copy, distribute, publish or otherwise use the materials of the Site protected by copyright is obtained such copying, distribution, publication or other use is not allowed without reference to the copyright holder and / or trademark.

All content on the Site is protected by copyright.


To become a full-fledged User of the Site you need to go through the registration procedure.

To gain access to the services of the Site, the Guest must create an account. After successfully going through the registration process, the Site User gets access to the Personal page.

The User is obliged to provide current, complete and accurate information in the process of obtaining an account. The administration reserves the right to refuse to register or to terminate a new User registration process at its discretion.

When registering, the User must not:

• Impersonate another User using their Username and password.

• Share your Username and password to third parties for them to use this User account.

•Use a word or a phrase as a login that is rude, intimidating or obscene through the lens of morality and ethics, as well as intentionally modified logins of other Users, which are offensive to their owners.

• Use profile pictures containing elements relating to the fascist and nationalist symbolism, containing pornographic materials and/or other materials and images that are contrary to the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

By registering on the Site, the User signifies that he or she has the necessary legal ability and authority to agree to this Agreement, is able to comply with the terms of the Agreement and be responsible for violation of the Agreement, including legal relationships arising from the use of the Site.

The responsibility for keeping the password for Site access in secret lies with the User. In the event when the account password has been lost by the User or has become disclosed to other persons, the User must immediately change his/her access password.

The User agrees that all actions performed on his or her behalf (meaning using this User’s account) are regarded as this User’s actions and may entail responsibility for this User.

The site administration has the right to delete any data or accounts for any reason or no reason at all at any time. The site administration reserves the right, but is not obliged to monitor the activities of the Site Users.


Any use of the Site in any way that is not permitted by this Agreement is prohibited.

The Guest / User agrees not to use the Site services for the following purposes:

• For abuse of their privileges, harassment, threats or intimidation of other Guests / Users of the Site.

•For sending, transmitting or facilitating such sending or transmitting any data that results in violation of these Rules, contain information that is defamatory or it discredits anyone (both Website Users or third parties), if its content is obscene, offensive, contains materials that are pornographic, intimidating or otherwise violate the laws of the Republic of Cyprus or the rights of other individuals.

• To achieve any illegal or other kind of goals that are not authorized by the Site’s Administration.

• To transfer or send or facilitate such transfer or sending of any messages or requests developed for or designed for receipt of the password, login or personal data of any Website User.

• To create or send unwanted e-mails ("spam") to Internet Users.

• To violate any laws of the Republic of Cyprus and / or the jurisdiction of the Guest / User of the Site;

• To provide the Site’s clickstream to relevant programs, the purpose of which is to rewrite existing clickstream (source of computer connection to the network), or data that goes beyond the topic under discussion.

• To use robots and automatic /smart / computer-aided tools designed to access the Site without the written consent of the Site Administration. The Guest / User agrees not to take actions, which, according to the Site Administration, contribute to the unreasonable download a large amount of information and data on the Site that impedes the work of the Site and access to the Site by other Guests / Users; not to interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the Site and do not take any action to circumvent the measures taken by the Site aiming at restricting access of Guests / Users to the Site.

• To change Site applications and services functioning, including the creation of separate User accounts.

• To place ads or requests addressed to an unlimited number of individuals about buying or selling any goods or services, except as expressly authorized by the Site Administration. Using information obtained through the Site services and applications, advertising and selling such information to any Guest / User or third parties without the prior consent of the copyright holder is also violation of these Terms.

• To act on behalf of another individual or another Guest / User of the Site.

• To sell or otherwise transfer User’s Site account to another User or to a third party.

Site Administration strictly prohibits:

• Any use of copyright subjects without the permission of the copyright holder.

• Use of rude, obscene expressions (including with help of emoji or symbols) or hurl any form of insults at other Guests / Users on the Site.

• Deliberately changing the names of other Site Users.

• Use of derogatory definitions for various nationalities, peoples and social groups in an offensive interpretation.

• Use of alternating capital and lowercase letters when publishing materials, comments, messages.

• Publication of materials containing commercial advertising.

• Publication of materials containing expletives.

• Publication of malicious links or links leading to pages with unsafe content.

• Irregular use of punctuation marks and emoticons.

• Placing graphic images containing expletives and pornography.

The Guest / User of the Site has no right to post any Content on the Site, if it is known that its posting will cause damage, moral damage, damage to business reputation, as well as if its posting violates anyone's rights.

To use the site designer aplgo.me, the user pays a lump sum equal to 100 euros, which is non-refundable. The cost of each subsequent year, the placement of the user's site created with the help of the site designer aplgo.me, and the provision of a domain name to the user's website, will be 13 euros.


The Guest / User undertakes not to post Content of a provocative, rude, offensive or aggressive nature, contrary to moral and ethical standards, violating applicable international legislation or of the Russian Federation, violating rights of third parties including intellectual rights.

The Guest / User is responsible for the violation of this Agreement in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and / or the laws of the Guest / User’s resident country.

In the event of damage caused to third parties, to other Guests / Users or to the Site, the Guest / User must compensate for damages incurred in full in compliance with the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus and / or the laws of the Guest / User’s resident country.

The Guest / User bears responsibility and all expenses (including compensation for confirmed damages, loss, fines, court and other expenses and fees) in the event any claims are made by third parties, including without limitations claims regarding third parties’ copyright protection, and for any Site’s obligations arising from the third parties’ claims related or arising from the violation made by the Guest / User of the terms of this Agreement. The User must take all necessary and possible measures aimed at excluding the owner of the Site, the Company, from the list of responsible parties.

The User must not post on the Website information that, in compliance with the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus and / or the legislation the User’s residence country, may be considered personal, with the exception of impersonal (publicly available) personal data. The owner Company does not collect, process or store impersonal (publicly available) personal data, if found on the Site such data will be immediately deleted, and the User who posted it may become subject to the liability measures upon this Agreement and the current legislation of the User’s jurisdiction.


The Site Administration does not deal with disputes and conflicts arising between the Guests / Users of the Site, however, it reserves the right to block the User’s account in case of receiving well-grounded complaints from other Guests / Users regarding misbehavior of this User on the Site.

The Site Administration is not responsible for personal data disclosure made by the Guest / User.

The Site Administration has the right, but is not obliged, to moderate the Content posted on the Site.

The Site Administration has the right to remove any Content, including text, photo, Guest / User’s comment, without notice or explanation.

The Administration of the Site does not control compliance with the copyright and is not responsible for its violation by Site Guests / Users.

The Site Administration does not give any guarantees, expressed or implied, regarding the content posted on the Site.

If the Guest / User violates the terms of this Agreement or the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus, the Site Administration will have to use its right to transfer contact information, IP addresses, any other information to interested parties upon receipt of a corresponding request.

Site Administration uses information about the actions of the Guest / User in order to improve the performance of the Site.

The Site Administration reserves the right to suspend or terminate Site access of any individual providing reasonable grounds to assume that Personal Data is not complete or is incorrect.

If the User violates the terms of this Agreement, the Site Administration has the right to delete this User account.

The Site Administration reserves the right to impose any restrictions to the Site use both wholly or for certain Guests / Users without giving any reason.

The Site Administration or the Company owner reserves the right to close, suspend, change the Site or part of it without prior notice to Guests / Users.

The Site Administration has the right to suspend Guest / User access to the Site in order to carry out the necessary scheduled maintenance and repair work of technical means.

The Company owner is not liable to the Guests / Users and does not compensate the Guest / User for any damages that may arise or incur for the Guest / User due to delays, outage and/or inability to use the Site fully.

The administration provides storage of personal data. Storage is effective indefinitely until the User initiates the deletion of his account from the Site, or at the Administration initiative if the User does not use the authentication data for his or her account for more than 12 calendar months in a row, after prior notification sent to the User by email (to the address, specified while registering).


The Site Administration does not control and is not obliged to take any actions about control over the manner which the Guest / User use to visit the Site or use the Site services and applications; it does not control what kind of effect the Site can have on the visiting Guests / Users; on the Website Content, how the Site Users or Guests can interpret the information on the site; it does not control the Users and Guests actions taken after reading information on the Site.

The Site Administration is not responsible for the personal opinion expressed by the Guest / User on the Site.

The Site may contain or direct the Site User / Guest links to other sites containing information that may appear frightening or incorrect to other individuals. The owner Company is not responsible for the content of such sites accessed through the Site services and applications, for respecting the exclusive rights of others, and legality of posted materials on such sites.

The Site Administration and the Company do not undertake any obligations to ensure confidentiality regarding the information provided by its Guest / User, although it takes all possible measures to this, unless otherwise agreed or there are relevant requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.


The Agreement is effective upon User Registration on the Site and is effective for the entire duration of using the Site.

The Agreement is effective upon visiting the Site by the Guest and is effective for the entire duration of using the Site.

The Site Administration reserves the right to make any amendments to this Agreement by publishing these amendments and additional provisions on the Site.

Nothing in this Agreement restricts the right of the Site Administration, Company or Guest / User to enter into similar agreements with any other individuals.

The annulment of one of the provisions or terms of this Agreement does not constitute grounds for annulment any other terms or provisions of this Agreement.

The Guest / User agrees that in case of disputes, they are subject to settlement in compliance with the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

The User agrees to receive information, news and advertising newsletters from the Site Administration, including sent to his or her e-mail address specified during registration.

The Site services and applications may redirect Users / Guests to other sites and pages. Due to the fact that the Site does not control other sites and pages, the Site User agrees that the Site is not responsible for access to such sites or pages and is not responsible for data placed on such sites and pages that advertise services, products and other materials.

If you do not agree with this Agreement and its terms, please stop using our Site immediately.